School of Creative Arts

School of Creative Arts, Quarter I | Creative Writing

Instructor: Dr. Avril van der Merwe

This course is an overview of the components that go into writing successful fiction, poetry, creative non-fiction, plays, and screenplays. We will also consider genres that fall under these broad categories, like children’s fiction and spoken word poetry writing. Most importantly, we will set the foundation of the biblical call to create. This is an interactive class that provides students with the opportunity to put into practice what is taught in the classroom and create their own rough drafts.

Audit Registration $120

On Campus & Livestream class was offered in Fall 2023. Contact SBC office to register to watch the recorded classes. Cost $120 per course 425.212.3530.

ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR: Dr. Avril van der Merwe is on pastoral staff at Philadelphia Church in Seattle. She holds a BA with triple major in Education, Psychology, and English Literature, graduate qualifications in Education and Biblical Studies, and a PhD in Biblical Studies. Avril began writing at the age of eight, and had her first poetry published at fifteen. She has written poetry and short stories for publication and radio broadcast, and has had a total of eleven books published, including children's fiction and Christian inspirational non-fiction. A twelfth book is to be published in February 2024. Her most recent book has been shortlisted for the 2023 South African Book Awards. Avril carries a passion for encouraging the release of God-given creative arts in worship, life, and ministry.

Winter Quarter – Creative Painting
Spring Quarter - Worshipful Dance