Financial Assistance


Scholarships are awarded during the Spring Quarter for the following academic year, and range from $250 – $1000. The scholarship funds have been established primarily for students continuing their education at SBC, although some limited scholarship funding may be available to new applicants. For more information on how to apply for an available scholarship, please contact the SBC office.


A tuition discount is available upon approved application for pastors, missionaries, spouses and dependent children. The discount is not automatically given, but will be evaluated and approved based on the requirements.

Pastoral Discount

This discount extends to licensed or ordained pastors who are engaged in significant ministerial service in a church/ministry staff position. There is a 50% tuition discount available for the pastor and/or spouse, and a 25% discount for dependent children.

Missionary Discount

This discount extends to missionaries, both home and foreign, who are serving under official missionary appointments and are considered bonifide missionaries. A 50% discount applies to the missionaries themselves as well as their dependent children.

Full-Time Spouse Discount

When a married student is enrolled in a full-time academic program at the college (minimum of 12 credits), there is a one-half (1/2) reduction in the standard academic tuition for the spouse (credit or audit status).
Note: A married couple may take advantage of only one discount between the two of them—i.e. a missionary couple on furlough would not qualify for a 50% tuition discount under the missionary discount provision plus a 50% spouse discount.

Bring a New Student Discount

Students introducing SBC to others can benefit. A student must be an admitted student, enrolled for credit in order to receive this discount. Each referred new student must also be enrolled as a for-credit student in order for the initial student to benefit.
¼ discount=1 new student
½ discount=2 new students
¾ discount=3 new students
Full tuition=4 new students

Graduated Alumni Discount

A former student who has graduated with an Associate of Biblical Studies degree (or higher) from SBC, is eligible to audit one course per quarter, on a space-available basis for a reduced rate of $50.00.

Veterans Information

SBC undergraduate degreed Track II programs of study at Seattle Bible College are approved by a Washington State Approving Agency for enrollment of persons eligible to receive educational benefits under Title 38 and Title 10 USC. Those qualifying for benefits as a veteran should advise the SBC office as soon as possible to facilitate the process of fund allocation. Approved veterans benefits are adjusted according to class attendance. Veteran students will comply with the attendance policy specified in the On-time Attendance Policy of the school.


$180.00 per credit for qualified members of the clergy whose main financial support is gained from serving vocationally in ministry (e.g. those ministers who are engaged in at least 20 hrs. per week of Christian service). Students must provide vocational documentation and be approved to receive the discounted tuition rate.
*Qualifying F-1 students must be engaged in at least 20 hrs. per week in a non-paid position.

$100.00 per credit for spouses enrolled in the same course as their spouse. The spousal rate for auditing the same course is $50.00 per audit hour.