Admissions Process.

The application is to be completed in full and filed with the SBC office. Please read the instructions and questions carefully, answering each question as completely as possible.

1 – Tour

Please come check us out, we are located at Sonrise Christian Center in Everett, Wa. Our hours are from 9:00am to 3:00pm.

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2 – Apply

Include the non-refundable application fee of $50.00 with the completed application ($160.00 for international students).

Application Info

3 – Interview

Upon completing and submitting all the necessary forms for application the student will have an interview with the dean. After the interview, the student will be later notified of his or her acceptance to SBC.

4 – Transcript

Before admission acceptance, prospective students are required to have official transcripts of secondary school and schools attended after high school sent to Seattle Bible College

5 – References

Three completed reference forms are required. Please hand deliver or mail the Pastoral, Professional and Personal reference forms to the appropriate people (non-relatives) and, for their convenience, include a stamped envelope addressed to SBC. Please request that the reference forms be sent directly and promptly to the college.


6 – Notification

Please send your most current school transcript to SBC.

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Academic Standing.

Applicants must have a diploma from a recognized high school (with a 2.0 average GPA) or a qualifying GED (General Educational Diploma). Students who have not maintained a high school grade point average of at least a “C” (2.0) may be accepted on a provisional basis.

Extracurricular Activities.

Each student is required to faithfully attend the services/activities of a local church. Students who come to SBC from the metropolitan area are expected to support their home church and to be faithfully involved in ministry and regular attendance there. Because of the nature, purpose and vision of Seattle Bible College, accountability will be required of students in respect to their faithful church attendance and ministry involvement.

  • Applicants must give evidence of a vital personal experience of salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.
  • Full payment of tuition and applicable fees is due prior to the beginning of each quarter. If necessary, a deferred payment plan may be made with the administration.
  • Your application, acceptance and attendance at SBC constitute your agreement that you will follow both the biblical absolutes and “institutional norms” listed in the SBC catalog.


Students at SBC pay only a part of the actual costs for their education. Because of churches, individual contributors and the sacrificial service of our adjunct faculty members, tuition costs are kept very low. Quality training at an affordable cost continues to be a priority at Seattle Bible College. The Financial Information sheet delineates the cost of fees and tuition for the current year. Full payment of tuition and applicable fees is due prior to the beginning of each quarter. If necessary, a deferred payment plan may be made with the administration.

Students are required to keep their financial accounts current. A student is expected to completely clear any and all financial obligations with the College no later than the close of the quarter. If satisfactory arrangements have not been made with the administration, no final class grades will be recorded or provided. Students will not be allowed to register for a new quarter if they have an outstanding debt from the past. They will not be admitted to classes until their registration is completed and approved by the administration and payment for tuition and fees have been arranged.

Contact the Admissions Office.

  • 425.355.9129
  • 11625 Airport Road, Everett Wa. 98204